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 A Day in the Life/Fallout series
This series consists on "A Day in the Life" and an ongoing series of "Fallout" epilogues.
 Body Heat/Warming Trend
These two stories are a matched pair of hopelessly romantic post-Fractures fics.
 Family Ties series
A future fic series in which John and Aeryn are foster parents for Chiana's son
 Future fic
These stories are set at some point in the future and should be considered speculation based on the Farscape story to date at time of writing.
 Knowledge (post IP:IA Therapy fic)
This series of stories was written in the week after TJohn's death, just to help me cope....
 Moving Forward (BT resolution)
My way of getting out of the ending of Bad Timing.
 Orange-Red Blossoms series
This series consists of three stories in which Aeryn and John come to terms with the loss of TJohn.
 PK Wars
These stories take place during the miniseries, Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars.
 Post-Prefect Murder Trilogy
This series explores the issues of Aeryn's pregnancy and Chiana's vision problems. I was too impatient to wait for the show.
 Prequel Fic
These stories take place prior to the events of the Premiere episode of Farscape.
 Reunion series
My first real fic, the same story told from four points of view, plus an epilogue.
 Safe House series
A series of stories that takes place between Twice Shy and Mental As Anything.
 Season 1
These stories take place during season 1 of Farscape.
 Season 2
These stories take place during season 2 of Farscape.
 Season 3
These stories take place during season 3 of Farscape.
 Season 4
These stories take place during season 4 of Farscape.
 Season 4 Therapy Series (AU)
Season 4 started out so grim for John and Aeryn, I just had to write them an AU where things went better....
These two stories explore Aeryn's decision to leave prior to Dog With Two Bones.
 Stand and Wait series
This is a series of two matched fics ("....Who Only Stand and Wait" and "Needful Things") and two epilogues.
 Terra Firma Microfic
100-word stories written for weekly challenges on Terra Firma.
 The Aeryn Years
Stories that are part of "The Aeryn Years" series, which take place during the time Aeryn spent of the Favored Planet without John in "The Locket."
 The Song Remains the Same
This series assumes that when Einstein removed the wormhole knowledge from John's mind, he took three years of memories as well.


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Latest News


Rating: PG for language
Setting: Some 20 cycles after Bad Timing and shortly after Fallout: Part 8
Spoilers: Through Bad Timing, but largely Look at the Princess
Summary: After some cryptic remarks from the Empress Novia, TJ and Merry wheedle a skeleton out of the old family closet and Crichton learns a secret or two himself....
For those who haven't read A Day in the Life or any of my other Fallout stories, you can probably read this one without worrying too much about the background of this future UR, except for Fallout 8. Both of these stories largely look back on the events on the Royal Planet (in the Look at the Princess Trilogy). But if you're interested in the rest, you can find the original fic and its earlier "fallout" pieces here
Originally posted on Terra Firma 3/3/09


Rating: PG (for some cranky language)
Setting: post-IYYY
Spoilers: Through IYYY 
Summary: John has second thoughts, of a sort, about pointing out to Aeryn that he "missed that dance" on Talyn....
Apparently the muses wanted me to produce this in time for Loco's birthday. They prodded me out of bed at 1 a.m. (when I was trying to sleep but actually running through dialog for the "Fallout" story I'm writing!) to WRITE THIS NOW! I hope you enjoy it.
Originally posted on Terra Firma 2/26/09


Rating: PG
Setting: About 4 cycles after Peacekeeper Wars
Spoilers: None, really
Summary: Somehow things never go the way you expect when you go about sharing your childhood memories with your kids....
You know John is going to do his best to bring up his kids knowing their earth heritage. And since Aeryn's been to earth at Christmas, she'll be able to help -- when she isn't correcting him!
Originally posted on Terra Firma 12/17/08


Rating: G
Setting: About five cycles after Peacekeeper Wars
Spoilers: Through Peacekeeper Wars
Summary: John is confronted with that age-old parental challenge -- "There's a monster under my bed!"
This was written for the Fourth Annual Beach Bash at Terra Firma. The theme this year was "Creature Features," and the inspiration for this cheery piece of fluff was the image at the end of the first section.
Originally posted on Terra Firma 9/3/08


Rating: PG-13
Setting: AU approximately 3 cycles post-Peacekeeper Wars
Spoilers: Through Peacekeeper Wars
Summary: John and Aeryn have built a good life together after he lost three cycles of memories, but there's always the hope they will return....
The first two parts of this story are some of my very favorite things I've ever written. It just felt like one of those brilliant flashes of inspiration when I got the "What if?" idea. I'd always intended to write this; I hope it isn't anticlimactic.
Do read Parts 1 and 2 first if you haven't read them before.
Originally posted on Terra Firma 8/25/08

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